Cost Analysis

We would be pleased to assist you by providing a post-job cost analysis. This is useful because daily rates do not effectively account for technology and efficiency improvements. At Stone Lake, we are very cost-conscious on behalf of our clients, and our costs per kilometre are highly competitive. Our highly skilled personnel, combined with our enhanced technologies and well-maintained equipment, enable us to provide a safe and consistent product to our clients. We offer detailed field cost reporting using parameters including:

Square miles
Linear km
Tracking (km)
Chaining (km
Survey (km)
Line pushing (km)
Production: GIS mapping (square miles/day)
Production: GPS Survey (km/day)
Production: INS Survey (km/day)
Cost/square mile: field mapping
Cost/km: field mapping
Cost/km: line pushing

Cost/km: field survey
Cost/km: field mapping and field survey
Cost/km: other
Cost/km: expendables
Cost/km: permitting and releasing
Cost/km: preliminary services
Cost/km: in-house mapping services
Total survey cost/km
Total survey cost/square mile 
Total survey cost/square km
Billing total (w/o tax)