Our Services

Stone Lake offers a suite of geophysical, mapping and surveying services unmatched by any competitor in the Sahtu region of the Northwest Territories. These services rest on our industry-leading technology and expertise, which give us unique and complementary capabilities.

  • Preliminary Geophysical Services
  • At Stone Lake we have the hardware, software and skilled personnel to model, prepare fold plots for your zone of interest and generate script files for various recording crew instrumentation. We utilize OMNI 3D Workshop software to design 3D program layouts and work closely with our GIS department to provide customized preliminary plan and permit mapping to meet your requirements. We have excellent rapport with regulatory agencies in the Northwest Territories and fully understand their expectations. This is a service that many of our top clients have come to depend on.

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • We offer the most advanced GIS services available in northern Canada. Many of our GIS capabilities have been developed or customized in-house to meet the particular needs of the industries we serve and to maximize information retrieval capability and user-friendliness.

    Our GIS department’s full suite of services includes:

    Map building
    Our GIS department can build maps for a variety of applications. Using our extensive reference datasets as starting points, our map-building team provides excellent efficiency for your hourly investment.

    We provide full-colour map plotting using the latest HP plotters.

    Reference Data Sets
    We have assembled, scaled and compiled many public and reference datasets such as AltaLIS, I.H.S., and various government data (both raster and vector) into excellent integrated datasets. You can access these by contacting us, or by subscribing to our web-enabled mapping service, TriliGIS.

    This approach ensures the greatest efficiency in map-building – saving hours of digital “cutting and pasting” and helping you (and us) meet tight deadlines. In some cases, we can also provide permission to access our private data archive, with maps dating back to surveys as old as 2004

    Have a look at these examples from our GIS department:
    Donkin 3D 2010 Preliminary Plan
    Donkin LIDAR Vegetation Height
    Donkin LIDAR Full Feature
    Donkin 3D 2010 LIDAR Bare Earth
    Donkin 3D 2010 As-Surveyed
    Donkin 3D 2010 Final Plan
    Uxbridge 2010 3D Preliminary Plan (multiple views)
    Seismic 2D LiDAR Example
    ERP Sour Map

    Please contact our GIS Department for any question

  • Pipeline Locating and Mapping
  • All Stone Lake pipeline-locating personnel are accredited with the Enform Buried Facilities Locating course and are experienced in the field of seismic pipeline locating and mapping. All our field personnel are certified with Standard First Aid, H2S Alive, WHMIS, Collision Avoidance Driving and Quad Safety.

    Stone Lake primarily utilizes Gasonic RD400 and RD4000 pipeline locating units for locating the pipelines as well as Trimble GeoXH GPS units to map the location of the pipeline(s) to a sub-metre level of accuracy.

    On 2D or 3D geophysical programs, maps complete with the source and receiver locations, as well as the location of the pipeline(s), are standard deliverables. Additional field culture data can be collected, such as buildings, water wells, roads and trails. Depending on your particular requirements, all of this information can be displayed on topographic, orthophoto, satellite imagery, government digital elevation model (DEM) or LiDAR data backgrounds, through the services of our field mapping and GIS department.

  • Advancing - Line Pushing and Field Mapping
  • At Stone Lake we provide expert line pushes with GPS capabilities on green-area programs. We use the latest mapping programs such as ESRI, OZI and Mapwel software, along with the appropriate components of the following data: digital topographic, orthophotos or satellite imagery, government digital elevation models (DEM) or LiDAR data, including bare earth, vegetation height or full feature, to ensure efficiency in the field. We can then plan the optimal line locations for your seismic program.

    Our field mapping crews can locate and map utilities or facilities, and accesses, as well as generate buffers, as required, for water features, etc. Utilizing this information, we can then provide an accurate field culture/hazard assessment map prior to any actual cutting taking place on the ground.

    Proper lead-time allotted for scouting and field mapping at the onset of the program generates efficiencies in the line-cutting operations and throughout the program. The line pushes stream data to and from the GPS units mounted in the line-cutting machines and line slashers. This information is transferred nightly to the mapping coordinator, who produces up-to-date field maps with the following day’s planned production for all phases of the operation.

  • Enhanced Surveying Technologies
  • Stone Lake’s commitment to continuous enhancement of our technology and expertise has provided capabilities that enable the company to efficiently map and survey all types of terrain. We follow field procedure standards that ensure consistency in all our deliverables. The following is an overview:

    Global Positioning System (GPS) Surveying

    In areas with satellite reception, Stone Lake uses the Leica Viva GNSS and GX1230GG dual-frequency receivers, which can provide centimeter-level accuracy in areas with strong satellite reception.

    Inertial Navigation System (INS) Surveying

    This is one of our most specialized services: accurate surveying where satellite reception is blocked or compromised. This can occur in obstructed areas or rough terrain. INS capability also allows us to conduct accurate below-ground surveys, such as in underground mines, and heavily canopied forested areas.

    Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Surveying and Barometry

    This is another specialized technique, ideally suited for tackling patchy, medium to heavily canopied areas. We have access to methodologies that integrate barometry instrumentation with GPS. We then apply sophisticated processing algorithms to achieve required industry accuracies under such conditions. Our powerful suite of positioning and tracking methods – GPS, INS, RTK and barometry – allows us to conduct accurate, seamless surveys virtually anywhere.

    Support Equipment

    We provide on-site technical support trailers for GPS/INS surveys as well as to minimize downtime. To avert the need for snowplowing, the survey crews use tracked ATVs and UTVs. To ensure safety and minimize downtime, we employ a licensed mechanic to service our fleet of up to 20 4x4 Vehicles, 50 ATVs, 20 UTVs, 30 trailers and 15 snowmobiles. The ATVs and UTVs can be equipped with tracks or wheels to suit the prevailing ground conditions.

    Employees are provided with the latest computers, printers and software to accomplish timely processing and transmittal of the data to the client. To enhance safety and productivity, employees are equipped with cell phones and/or PDAs. Direct communication capability is an important safety feature for working in remote areas.

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Stone Lake’s 3D laser surveys measure thousands of spatially accurate positions per seconds, dramatically increasing productivity while reducing surveyors’ exposure to potentially hazardous conditions and/or terrain. Complex facilities or large mines can be surveyed rapidly, outdoors and indoors. The resulting point cloud data is available with a short turnaround time.

    The resulting digital files can be viewed as crisp visual images containing embedded coordinates, enabling millimetre-accurate measurements among any survey points. The files can be exported into various CAD and GIS software and developed into accurate 3D renderings.

    Sites and facilities are thereby rendered “as-built”, showing real specifications. You no longer have to make do with outdated blueprints or manual measurements. This reduces your asset management risks and aids in planning facility maintenance, upgrades or expansion.

    3D laser scans are stored on our web-enabled TriliGIS system, where they can be integrated with your existing digital maps and other asset information, and are available on-line, 24/7 to any authorized user.

    Long-range or short-range
    Our 3D laser scanners are light and compact – mounted on a pickup truck, SUV or UTV. Surveys can be performed day or night.

    Long-range (utilizing MapTek I-Site 8800 laser scanner):
    • For large outdoor areas
    • Typical operating range: 1,400 metres
    • Scans up to 8,800 points per second
    • 70 megapixel digital images
    • Centimetre accuracy

    Short-range (utilizing Trimble TX5 laser scanner):
    • For precise indoor and outdoor surveying
    • Typical operating range: 45 metres
    • Scans up to 976,000 points per second
    • 70 megapixel digital images
    • Millimetre accuracy

    Our experienced, qualified personnel can perform 3D laser surveys anywhere across the Sahtu region.

    The applications of 3D laser surveys are very wide-ranging, including:

    Oil and Natural Gas
    Captures the layout, dimensions and fit of pipeline facilities and oilfield related equipment as they are today.

    Infrastructure Construction
    Enables efficient, accurate calculation of overburden removal and fill requirements, and eases matching of survey points to construction drawings.

    Pipeline Systems
    Pumping stations, tank farms and control houses can be viewed in detail. 3D rendering allows you to perform various types of collision analysis.

    Environmental Management
    Knowing exactly what volumes need to be moved – and where – eases remediation/reclamation planning, while the detail acquired makes the process more cost-effective.

    Mining and Stockpiles
    Safe and efficient inventory calculation, no matter how large your site and how much material is being moved. You’re no longer just estimating, you’re measuring.

    Scan culturally sensitive sites for archiving and preservation, all the while maintaining a safe distance without disturbing the area.

    In rugged terrain, no traditional surveying method comes close to the safety, efficiency and accuracy of 3D laser surveying.

    Hazardous Terrain
    Increase operational safety by not having to send surveyors into potentially dangerous situations to capture data.

  • On-line interactive GIS service – TriliGIS
  • TriliGIS is a one-stop-shop for all your spatial and non-spatial information, letting your company or organization make better-informed decisions, from planning through field operations and data archiving. TriliGIS provides customized digital view of all your assets – whether that’s an energy facility or field site, pipeline pumping station, mine, utility site or public infrastructure. It is available to you on-line, 24/7.

    The leader in digital mapping

    TriliGIS is an integrated digital repository for all mapping and related asset information. TriliGIS lets you leap from rolled-up paper maps, spreadsheets and filing cabinets directly to the Cloud. Its secure system stores and organizes all of your GIS and related non-spatial data, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with extensive display, querying, and reporting capabilities.

    With a few clicks, TriliGIS lets you go from a regional view to detailed, localized views of your project area. With a single monthly subscription fee, you can authorize as many users as you like, from your exploration team to facility superintendents to HSE managers to your management team.

    The information-sharing power built into TriliGIS lets your organization reduce internal overhead and operate more efficiently. You can easily gather input for drilling or facility construction plans, avoid conflicting operations (like seismic field work coinciding with well-site construction), or hold regular project update meetings enhanced by SMARTBoard and tablets in the field.

    One platform, one secure location for all your project data
    Complete asset management – TriliGIS integrates all information – maps, imagery, seismic surveys, 3D laser scanning data, plant drawings, forms, stakeholder information, associated photos and reports. Whatever you want to put in — for every asset you own.

    Improved land oversight – There’s virtually no limit to the information that can be stored in layers and recalled through custom queries.

    Detailed environmental monitoring – Detailed asset management helps minimize response times by having all relevant information – available when you need it.

    Emergency Response Plans (ERP) – TriliGIS lets you enter and manage contact information in your own customized forms for all residents and businesses in your emergency planning zones and powerful

    Expedited decision-making – SMARTBoard-enhanced meetings using TriliGIS are open to anyone with web access, regardless of location, and can show updates being made in real-time. A leap beyond e-mailing pdf documents.

    Better internal communication – No one need “remember” where maps or records are stored. Being integrated – not siloed or scattered – gives the relevant information to all parties who need it.

  • Extensive Final Plan Package
  • Stone Lake’s GIS department mapping team compiles various data sets to create accurate final plan maps. Our survey crews input the line-width data in their data collectors as they survey each line. This enables us to provide more accurate final plan data. Our mapping team can then perform quality control and integrate:
    • The field survey line-width data;
    • Advance crew, digital line width/cut-type and access data obtained from the line cutting equipment GPS units; and
    • Government data sets.

    The result is compilation of accurate final plan packages.

    Have a look at these examples from our GIS department:
    Donkin 3D 2010 Line Width Example